hello. DOGMATISM is my own personal website. mainly english, with occasional portuguese text.

it may host an array of content, including profane language and discussion of serious themes (and, occasionally, jokes of sexual caliber. sorry.).

however, (unless otherwise stated, with a disclaimer page barring you from such material) DOGMATISM will never contain flashing images, autoplay music, explicit content or hateful/offensive material.

i find no pride or joy in being mean, and aim to remain as kind and respectful as i possibly can.

my screen resolution is 1366x768, so if this website looks a little too tiny for your monitor, feel free to zoom in until it looks right.

i will also, probably not be as verbose as i am currently being in this disclaimer, so don't assume i'm this corteous casually. whoopsies!

* I am informed, and wish to proceed. / * Get me outta here!

Content is still being formatted and worked out,
and a proper rating has yet to be decided.

DOGMATISM (.neocities.org) © reggie "ihascrowbar" calposa, 2021
not legally, or anything. it just feels nice to write