welcome to DOGMATISM. this is my little personal space in the world wide web,
away from modern social media.. oh, i'm sure you've heard it all before.

neocities unifies disgruntled internet users, it seems.

feel free to look around, stick as long as you'd like! it may be barebones now,
but i'm sure i'll make something interesting soon enough.

10.13.2021 - added a shrines page, as well as a shrine for, well, my beloved!

TO DO LIST (in no order)
- turn all external image links into local ones (sorry!)
- create symbol logo for site/banner
- work on 88x31s, faux banner ads
- get a new mouse (seriously. it keeps double firing. its annoying)

DOGMATISM (.neocities.org) © reggie "ihascrowbar" calposa, 2021
not legally, or anything. it just feels nice to write